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Hispanic Statistics Continued
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Latino workers are fueling U.S. industries that are key to the nation’s economic growth: more than one in five American agricultural, construction, and food manufacturing workers are Hispanic. Through hard work and entrepreneurship, social and civic contributions, and a determination to see their children become productive Americans, Latinos are strengthening communities throughout the country.

Hispanic Epidemiologic Health Paradox


Finding that Hispanic and Latino Americans tend to have health outcomes that paradoxically are comparable to, or in some cases better than, those of their U.S. white counterparts, even though Hispanics have lower average income and education. (Low socioeconomic status is almost universally associated with worse population health and higher death rates everywhere in the world.) The paradox usually refers in particular to low mortality among Latinos in the United States relative to non-Hispanic whites.

Interesting Trivia

  • Cinco De Mayo

  • $ Symbol

  • Currency

  • Myths
    - High Fertility (9% lower than non-hispanics in the 1960s)
    - Cause traffic Congestion (3x-5x more likely to carpool or Use public transportation

  • Latino: Secret Ingredient
    - Other Economies Shrink in Population
    - Thanks to Latinos, US is ONLY Economy with growth
    - Latinos support Baby Boomers

  • Latinos Build 21st Century
    - Citizenship irrespective of Race- California Constitution, 1849
    - Women’s Rights- Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, 1848 vs 1910
    - Slavery Outlawed in California, 1849
    - Desegregated Schools -Mendez v Westminster, 1945
    - Established Mixed-Race Marriages -Perez v. Sharp, 1948

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